Our Environment Means the World to Us

Published: December 14, 2022
Our Environment Means the World to Us

Community extends beyond the borders of our towns and cities to the natural world that surrounds and supports us. Protecting our environment means protecting our world, and all the people in it.

Our team partnered with Rugged Coast Research Society and headed out to the West Coast of Vancouver Island to help rid the beaches of waste. In this remote area, with no road access and seemingly untouched by people, the fingerprints of humanity were everywhere. Debris from sunken shipping containers and plastics of all varieties were found littered across a shoreline that at first glance seemed pristine – but on closer examination revealed eye-opening quantities of waste wreaking havoc on our ecosystem.

Rugged Coast Research Society was formed in 2017 to champion local solutions to the international issue of marine plastics. With funding from Townline Homes, Rugged Coast was able to remove 6,800 kgs of marine debris from 42.2 km of remote and hard-to-access coastline in seven days of field work.

For Townline, it meant that we could do our part in some small way. But it also meant, perhaps even more importantly, that we could help raise awareness about ocean plastics – and how the construction industry can work to create a more circular economy.

80% of all materials were reused or recycled

6,800 kgs of marine debris removed from the shoreline


We want to ensure our site plastic does not end up in landfills or in the ocean. The ultimate goal is to partner with organizations that can process our site plastic and reuse that material for our projects, like children’s play areas or benches.


We know we’re not going to solve this problem overnight, but we can do our part in spreading the message and raising awareness.

– Rick Ilich, Townline CEO