The Buzz on Bees

Published: December 14, 2022
The Buzz on Bees

Bees have existed for 35 million years

Bees and butterflies help pollinate 75%
of the world’s flowering plants

35% of the world’s food crops
depend on bees

Bees visit 4,410,000 flowers to make 1 kg of honey

Each bee makes one-tenth of a teaspoon
of honey in its lifetime

A hive creates 100 lbs of honey per year

There is perhaps no creature more community-oriented than the honey bee, living and working in their busy hive with a common, collective purpose. And bees, it seems, have an innate power to bring us together, too.

We are always on the lookout for sustainable programs that benefit our environment, add value to our rental communities, and help people connect. When the idea of bees landed in our offices, we were literally abuzz with excitement.


Honey bees have an incredible power to draw out people’s curiosity and create a sense of community.



Our Townline Buzz initiative is a new program that began at Townline’s Hudson Mews rental property in Victoria, where two hives and 27,000 bees are busily producing honey and benefiting the local environment. Now, we’re rolling out the bee program across all our upcoming rental projects as they complete in the coming years. We hope that Townline rental homes will become known in our communities for our amazing bees!

Townline Buzz Hive

Beekepers from Alvéole manage our bees for us, and residents are invited to help out with the honey harvests or to join educational events. The honey is distributed to the residents of the building – and the sweet result of doing something good for the planet tastes even sweeter with that sense of local involvement and pride. Each batch of honey is specific to its unique environment – which means your honey quite literally embodies the flavours of your neighbourhood.

Bees are a beautiful thing, and we want to do our part to help protect the intricate ecosystem that relies so heavily on these incredible creatures.