Commemorating 15 Meaningful Years

Published: June 27, 2023
Commemorating 15 Meaningful Years

TL Housing Solutions

A city is made up of layers. Of housing, tall and small. Of parks and city streets. Of people from all walks of life. Different members of our collective populations need different things. That’s where TL Housing Solutions comes in.

We build homes, services, and communities for people who need them. Simple as that. To be a little more specific, we’re a design-build contractor for non-profits, senior housing, co-operative housing, low-income groups, and more. We partner with government agencies and diverse groups to build a wide variety of developments that support communities in need.

Our role is to create solutions that work. In collaboration with all the various partners, from government to financial, we drive non-market housing communities forward with the knowledge and efficiency of a private developer.

TL Housing Solutions Is Something Special

The TL Housing Solutions team is passionate about helping create significant change in our communities – changes that truly benefit a wide variety of people, from seniors to single moms. TL Housing is proud to be able to give back in meaningful ways – bringing robust knowledge and systems to facilitate relationships, expedite all the many details that go into a project, and finally, create homes and services for people who really need them.

This 15-year anniversary is an emotional milestone. Since its inception, TL Housing Solutions has grown into a unique development company that has had a significant impact across a number of communities. As of 2023, TL Housing Solutions has now completed one million square feet of construction and produced over 1,500 non-market homes. Each project demonstrates an ongoing commitment to industry thought leadership and technological advancement – including passive house buildings and affordable ownership.

We are humbled and honoured to celebrate this momentous occasion, 15 years into a journey with endless potential.


Our projects are varied, yet our intentions are always the same:

to work closely with our many incredible partners to help underserved portions of our populations – and make a real difference.


Wisteria Place

Richmond, BC

In partnership with Steveston Buddhist Temple, Wisteria Seniors Health & Housing Society, BC Housing, and CPA Development Consultants


Oak Park 2

Langford, BC

In partnership with Pacifica Housing Advisory Association, Atcorr Development Consulting, BC Housing and the Municipality of Langford; daycare in partnership with Atira Women’s Resource Society and the Ministry of Child and Family Development.


The Alex

Port Coquitlam, BC

In partnership with Atira Women’s Resource Society, Atcorr Development Consultants, Metro Vancouver, BC Housing, City of Port Coquitlam, and Fraser Health Authority.



Victoria, BC

In partnership with the Victoria Cool Aid Society, BC Housing, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and Lowe Hammond Rowe Architects.


Sunshine Housing Co-Op

Surrey, BC

In partnership with the Community Land Trust, BC Housing, and the City of Surrey.