VOL. 37

Winter 2022

Townline Connect is going digital! We’re excited to show you what we’ve been up to lately, all in a fresh new format that reflects our values. Welcome.

Let’s Connect — Digitally!

Townline Connect is now officially a digital publication. We’re saving trees, reducing waste, and connecting better than ever before.

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Our Environment Means the World to Us

Townline is all about community – and that extends to the world in which our community members live and explore. So our team donned our work gear and headed out to the West Coast of Vancouver Island to put our principles into practice.

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The Buzz on Bees

Without bees, our flowers won’t flower, our crops won’t grow, and our ecosystem falls quickly out of balance. These little buzzers are key to a healthy environment – and there’s nothing sweeter than doing our part. Check out our new Townline Buzz initiative – coming soon to a Townline rooftop near you!

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Townline Connects – with Each Other

Connection is what we do – in our offices, our communities, and our world. And connecting with our team is where it all begins. Join us in celebrating these memorable moments.

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Exciting New Projects

From thriving masterplanned communities to gleaming office towers, Townline has many exciting projects on the go.



Coquitlam, BC

Hudson House

Victoria, BC

Luxe Lansdowne

Richmond, BC