VOL. 37

We’re Celebrating Some Major Milestones!

Jun 27, 2023

Sometimes, a vision takes many years to come to fruition. Everything has to work along the way – all the pieces need to fall into place, and each detail must be carefully thought through. These are exciting journeys – and yes, they can be long, but they’re filled with the thrill of creating incredible homes and communities along the way.

But once in a while, we reach a moment where we can pause, reflect, and celebrate. This is one of those moments, and we must say, we feel a little emotional! Please join us in celebrating these important milestones – and what they mean to each of our team members, and to every single member of our communities.

The Final Moments of an Incredible Journey

Transit is steps away, the waterfront beckons nearby, and vibrant shops, entertainment, and eateries are all within reach. Hudson District was designed to draw on and amplify that energy, and today it has become a destination district that elevates the city as a whole.

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Celebrating 10 Amazing Years

No conversation about Hudson District would be complete without heaping much love onto the colourful Victoria Public Market. It’s hard to believe we’re here already, ringing in the ten-year anniversary of this city-changing offering.

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Commemorating 15 Meaningful Years

A city is made up of layers. Of housing, tall and small. Of parks and city streets. Of people from all walks of life. Different members of our collective populations need different things. That’s where TL Housing Solutions comes in.

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